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Yes, any device you use to view PDF’s you can view Simplified Health Essentials.

If I have dietary restrictions, is Simplified Health Essentials still for me?
Absolutely! You can pull whatever golden nuggets feel right to you to create your own unique version of a healthy lifestyle. You'll learn how to build the foundational framework of health and shape it around your current life, tastes, preferences, and goals.

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Chelsea Barringer is a nutritionist, health coach, speaker, writer, and whole-food advocate. With food philosophies stemming from her family farm, she simplifies the complex world of health and reduces confusion with clear, actionable, and science-backed advice. Chelsea teaches people how to simplify their approach to wellness and ditch health sabotaging habits so that they can start truly living their life to the fullest. She is known for her inspirational live events, online community and integrative holistic nutrition counseling.

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Simplified Health Essentials eGuide

"I just finished reading Simplified Health Essentials and I could hear Chelsea's voice as I read (which made me smile because Chelsea always makes me smile). Not only does Chelsea help simplify nutrition, she presents it in a way that makes you feel confident and takes the time to explain the science in an understandable way. This guide empowered me without being patronizing or saying things I've heard a million times before. It's a resource that will help me as I am meal-planning, or just finding myself uninspired and reaching for the comfort of junk food."

-Anne N.

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Simplified Health Essentials is about cutting through confusion and getting back to the basics. It's about building the framework for a healthy lifestyle and learning the tools to keep you on track.​

30+ pages of foodie facts and simple strategies.

​​​​​​​Reimagine your approach
Say "good-bye" to complicated, rigid diet plans, and "hello" to a fresh, simplified approach to wellness. Simplified Health Essentials is designed to take the guesswork out of healthy living and guide you through simple strategies that will cultivate your best health. From there, the decisions become yours! In other words, Simplified Health Essentials is a judgement-free zone – you can honor your unique health and individual needs, rather than trying to mold yourself to a cookie-cutter plan, by shaping the foundational framework of healthy living around your own life, tastes, preferences, and goals.

Preview what's inside:

​​​​Overwhelming. Confusing. Frustrating. Hard. 

All words I've heard people use to describe how they feel about healthy living, whether it's trying to choose the right supplements, or finding the best ingredients that nourish the body. According to the International Food Information Counsel Foundation, half of consumers believe it's easier to do their own taxes than to figure out how to eat healthfully.​

So, my friend, I propose it's time we reimagine our approach. Because in one word - simplicity is what we seek in our daily lives. And it was this very intention that inspired me to put my tried-and-true simplified approaches to wellness into a downloadable guide just for you. 

Simplified Health Essentials breaks down the fundamentals of the health integration process I've been recommending to my clients (and have used myself!) for over 10 years.​ Simplified Health Essentials lays a blueprint for the most enjoyable way to achieve the results you're looking for; by focusing on a healthy lifestyle as opposed to the number on the scale.​​

A Fresh Approach To Wellness

Whether you’re jump-starting a lifetime of better eating or just looking for a few fresh ideas, Simplified Health Essentials is designed to guide you through actionable steps to integrate healthier habits straight away.

This guide breaks down the fundamentals of the health integration process I've been recommending to my clients for over 10 years. With 30+ pages of foodie facts and simple strategies, you'll be eating your way to better health in no time.​​