WE CALL IT ​​A  fresh start.

Give your body a Fresh Start with this 7-day raw food cleanse program, followed by a 30-day whole-food and supplemental nutrition plan. This comprehensive 5-week program will dramatically improve your health and set your body and mind up for long-term success in sustaining total wellness.

Next program begins October 16, 2017!

*Limited spots available. Pre-register below.

When you take Fresh Start, you’ll receive:

  • 1 (60-minute) Introductory Class - Live Online Meeting (recorded and archived if you cannot make it)
  • 5 Weekly (30-minute) Classes - Live Online Meetings (recorded and archived if you cannot make it)
  • Online Support Group & Focus Emails
  • Nutrition Guides & Daily Plans
  • Fresh Start Recipe Books
  • Cleanse Supplements
  • Pharmaceutical-grade nutritional products

(Total program valued over $700!)

The Fresh Start Program is designed to:

  • Increase energy
  • Enhance focus and clarity
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce cravings for sugar, caffeine, fats, and nicotine
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Tone muscles and increase strength
  • Clear up skin and complexion
  • Kick-start a healthier weight, if desired
  • Build health for everyone; ideal weight or overweight


During this program, we'll target all of the pillars of health -- body, mind, and spirit. Fresh Start helps you take charge by giving you strategies and support to develop a healthy lifestyle that you enjoy, so you can truly feel your best every single day. You will learn and experience how whole foods and proper supplementation can support your health on a multitude of levels and give you control over how you live, look, and feel.

Are you ready to feel better? 

There's no better time than NOW to build your future health.
Let's do this together!


LIVE ONLINE VIDEO MEETINGS held weekly on Mondays at 7:00pm, October 16 - November 20, 2017.
*No special devices needed. You will receive a meeting code, and can log into the meeting via computer or phone.

Fresh Start Program

​​In an activated nutshell, you'll get...

1. Exclusive Access to Fresh Start Live Video Meetings
We'll be answering all your health-related questions and sharing the blueprint for how to heal your body on a cellular level, and how to achieve and maintain your best health. These live video meetings are recorded and added to our private Fresh Start vault — so you can revisit them as many times as you like.

2. Weekly Focus Topic & Educational Emails
Each week, we'll focus on a different health-building topic, complete with action steps for you to implement. These focal points are designed to keep you moving forward, pumped full of motivation, and on the fast-track to feel-good results.

3. Fresh Start Essentials
You also get full access to the complete Fresh Start essentials — including nutrition guides, sample meal plans, recipe books, and inspirational emails to keep you focused and on track.

4. Pharmaceutical-Grade Nutritional Products
To achieve a healthy body, it isn’t just about eating less and moving more —you need the right nutrition and support tools. Your sign up cost will include a 7-day cleanse kit, a 30-day supply of multi-vitamins, b-complex, omegas, probiotics, and your choice of 30 or 60 meal servings of smoothie mix.

5. Private Fresh Start Facebook Group
In this online community, you'll form lifelong friendships with likeminded buddies (not to mention get endless inspiration). My team members and I will be in there too — answering your questions, sharing our insights, and cheering you on.