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Support on your journey to better health.

Exclusive coaching with me.

Action steps and proven strategies to breakthrough barriers.

A safe place to chat about your health and ask your questions.

Online access to inspiration that will keep you on track.

inspiration at your fingertips.

accountability  when you need it most.

​Everything you need to breakthrough the barriers that have been barring you from living your healthiest life.

Are you ready to Breakthrough

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​​​​​​​Do you ever...
Say now isn't a good time for me?

Get overwhelmed just thinking about making lifestyle changes?
Feel confused or even paralyzed on where to begin?

Plateau or get stuck before you can reach your goals?

Fall off the wagon because "life" gets in the way?

Over my 10+ years of experience in coaching individuals on their health and nutrition, I realized one common barrier for most of my clients: ​​​they tend to give up just before a breakthrough - when they are on the very brink of successfully conquering their goals. Why? Because it’s easy to commit to a new behavior for a day or two – maybe even a week. But breaking bad habits for good? And replacing them with new ones that stick... for life?There's no easy button for that.

So after years of research I found the most powerful formula to achieving health goals for the long haul... Lasting change is born through a series of personal breakthroughs. And breakthroughs become automatic when you have the right strategy, tools, and support. I created the Breakthrough Project to make it incredibly simple to stay consistent with your healthy habits — so you can feel connected, supported and inspired throughout your journey to better health.

I will never look at food and what I put into my body the same way again! Chelsea's knowledge, expertise, (and encouragement!) was educational, enlightening, inspiring and life-changing! She has made me feel healthier both physically and spiritually, inside and out. I've learned so much!

- Margaret O.

I love treating our members to help them feel even more inspired. Which means: exclusive bonuses, random gifts, and 10% off all NS products for the lifetime of your membership.​​

Here's how it works:​​

Here’s why I call it a “Project"
We’re all a work in progress, right? We weren’t put on this earth to be perfect and to never stumble. And, we certainly weren’t put on this earth to figure out our problems all alone or never ask for help — that’s the route to failure, if you ask me. The Breakthrough Project is the perfect platform for women looking to reconnect with their inner wisdom and internal motivators through step-by-step exercises that invigorate your belief in yourself and your capabilities.

​​​​​​To truly transform your health - and make those changes stick - you need three things: ​​strategy, tools, and support.

​​The Breakthrough Project is THE answer for women who desire a life in their healthiest body, but are stuck in the cycle of bad habits, negative self-talk, and putting themselves last.

As a member of the Breakthrough Project you'll get everything you need to stay consistent and take continued positive action toward your most vibrant health, no matter how stuck you feel or what roadblock you’re facing. ​And the breakthroughs you will experience as a result will be life changing.

 - FAQ -

What happens when I click ‘buy’?
By clicking ENROLL, you agree that your total amount for today is $29.60 (applied to the monthly membership). You will then be charged $29.60/mo for membership access every 30 days. As soon as your payment has been processed, you’ll be redirected to a webpage to enter your email address. Within 10 minutes you'll receive an email from me with your member details and access to all your materials and bonuses. (Haven’t received the email? Shoot us a note at info@nutritionsimplified.net and we’ll get you situated!)

Are there any tech requirements to access the materials?
Not at all — all you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go. You can stream the coaching videos directly off your device and enjoy these lessons at your leisure. Even our live coaching calls are just a click or dial away.

What happens if I want to stop my subscription?
No worries — you can stop your subscription at any time by shooting us an email at info@nutritionsimplified.net

What kind of results can I expect?
That’s really up to you. From all my years of coaching and speaking with hundreds of individuals, I’ve seen some incredible  results and transformations unfold ​by making small, incremental changes, practiced consistently. I’ve seen people find their confidence, clarity, strength. And I’ve witnessed them develop an inner awareness and presence that they’d previously struggled for years to find. This work will open you up to what's possible in your life and catalyze you to start moving toward the life that you truly want. When you take inspired action daily on what you’ve learned, I’m confident you’ll be blown away by the results you experience as you unleash your most vibrant health.

What is the coaching style?

​I don't offer “cookie cutter” programs. I won’t tell you what to do, how to do it, or what your goals should be. Ultimately this journey is for your steps alone. However, I will guide you, support you, and be with you every step of the way.
I do teach you how to read the map, what direction you're headed, the obstacles that lay before you, and educate you on methods of persevering. I will provide you with strategic recommendations that are most relevant to you—be it regarding energy, stress, sleep, weight management, or nourishing your body in a way that’s enjoyable to you.

I support, respect, and believe in YOU. I will encourage you to embrace the fact that the power is in your hands. Each day is a new opportunity. There’s no expectation to “be good” or make the “right” choice. There is, however, power you have every day to nourish your cells, treat yourself kindly, and live to your fullest potential. After all, taking action to be healthy is about loving your body, not hating it.​

​​You’ll also get 5 of our most popular tools...

 Simplified Health Essentials eGuide ($14.95)

​✓ NS Recipe e-Book: 45+ of our favorite recipes

​✓ The Complete Collection of over 100 Nourishing Notes

​Discounts + free shipping on supplement ​orders
✓ Personalized action plan tailored to your goals

Breakthroughs happen when limiting thoughts and behaviors are challenged.

​- Fabienne Fredrickson

Each month will focus on a different area of your health. You'll get a brand-new coaching video and focus email in which I offer step-by-step guidance on how to take action on your journey to better health. These are specially designed so you can absorb the tools and strategies I share with you on your own time, and will help you stay focused and on track.

Unleash your potential to finally breakthrough and achieve your most vibrant health... on your terms.

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​It doesn’t matter whether you’re a wellness guru, or just getting started on your journey to better health. I’ll meet you where you are.

And it won’t just be me supporting you — you’ll be part of the Breakthrough community.​

Every month, I’ll be hosting a group coaching call on a specific breakthrough topic. You’ll be able to ask questions, hear my personal insights, and dig into real-life issues. All these calls are recorded and added to our online hub — so you can revisit them as many times as you like, whenever you need a refresher.​

​​​​​Get instant access to...

Monthly coaching video + focus emails

Live interactive group coaching with me

Practical tools for cultivating motivation

A like-minded community to build safe connections

A space to be inspired, encouraged, and achieve personal breakthroughs

All your questions answered by health coaches who truly get you

Access to an incredible library of our most popular tools

Special offers​ + discounts

​About Chelsea
My mission is to empower people to cultivate their unique version of health; to stop abiding by "diet rules" and start listening to their body's innate wisdom.

Monthly Payment

No lock-in contracts

✓ Cancel anytime

✓ Billed monthly


Our private Facebook group will let you connect with like-minded breakthrough-ers where you can get support whenever you need it. In this safe space, you can ask all your questions, share your story, and find tons of encouragement.

​​​​I know how easy it is to fall out of healthy habits, which is why I’m so thrilled to bring you the Breakthrough Project. I’m excited to share with you the exact tools and strategies that have helped me breakthrough my barriers and create a life that’s rooted in health.

My intention is to share with you how to take your health into your own hands, to nourish your body, and optimize your wellbeing… all to inspire you to become the driver of your own wellness journey, where life is a little more simple and a lot more vibrant.



Chelsea is a leading voice in integrative nutrition, specializing in disease prevention and weight management. She holds a Master's Degree in Holistic Nutrition and is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and a professional member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Her unique combination of holistic and clinical experience ties an alternative approach to modern nutrition counseling. In 2010, Chelsea established Nutrition Simplified to educate others about a non-diet approach to healthy eating. She is known for her inspirational live events, online community and integrative holistic nutrition counseling.