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Why, Hello! I'm Chelsea.

I believe simplicity is what we seek in our daily lives. I'm a nutritionist, health coach, writer, real-food lover, and unwavering optimist dedicated to simplifying how you can live your healthiest, most vibrant life. I'm on a heartfelt mission to help you reimagine your approach to wellness and redefine your health; to help you reduce the noise and cut through the confusion to find what's true for you

Beyond my health coaching, I've created eGuides, programs, and more — all made with you in mind. Everything here is designed to help you live a little more simple and a lot more vibrant.​​ Because living healthfully shouldn't be about rules; it should be about possibilities.

Launch your healthiest life

Whether you want fit into your favorite pair of jeans again, or just want to push a reset button and feel better, my newest eGuide Simplified Health Essentials will walk you through actionable steps to integrate healthier habits straight away.

​​​​​Reimagine your approach.
Redefine your 


PLUS a sneak peek into Simplified Health Essentials!

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I get it. Your time is important and you can't always escape your life to travel to your appointments. Now you can conveniently have your health coaching sessions by phone or video meeting.

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